From Russia Needs Love

Russian Locomotive Repair & Refurbishment

Clayton Equipment was pleased to rescue one of our locomotives following an accident which threatened to make the machine an economic write off. The locomotive was extensively damaged whilst stationary and a four month long programme was implemented to return it to England, refurbish and repair the equipment to its original standard, and despatch the finished product back to Russia.

The locomotive was originally manufactured in 2005 and used in the construction industry in Russia. Rubber tyres enable the machine to operate on steep gradients and allows the client to consider tunnelling projects with a much steeper gradient than is possible with a conventional steel tyred locomotive.

After the machine was received at our factory a comprehensive strip, examination and report was completed to understand the scope of the rework and a contract was agreed for the rebuild.

A task that encompassed the following work:

  • One traction motor required complete rebuild
  • Control equipment required complete new housing due to impact damage
  • All electrical cabling was replaced with new
  • One differential was completely overhauled
  • New rubber tyres were fitted
  • Structural frame damage was repaired
  • Static and dynamic testing