Transfer Trolley Refurbishment

Transfer Trolley Before Refurbishment

Transfer Trolley Before Upgrades & Refurbishment

Using our expertise, Clayton Equipment has recently refurbished and upgraded a Transfer Trolley for a leading UK scientific research laboratory. Originally built in 1958, the trolley is used to move large radiation shield protection concrete blocks, to and from a test chamber.

The work undertaken included:

  • Complete strip down, structural inspection, repair and paint
  • Overhaul and upgrade to the electrical control and protection systems, including all new wiring
  • Upgrade of the safety systems
  • Repair and overhaul of the hydraulic system
  • Repair and overhaul of the turntable, transmission, belts, brakes, fluids, seals and bearings
  • New traction tyres
  • New operation and maintenance manuals
  • Electrical and hydraulic schematic drawings
Transfer Trolley After Refurbishment

Transfer Trolley After Upgrades & Refurbishment