Llechwedd Slate Caverns Manrider Overhaul

Llechwedd Slate Cavern Manrider

Clayton Equipment is involved in the overhaul of the Llechwedd Slate Caverns manrider. Llechwedd Slate Caverns is a tourist attraction in Gwynedd, Wales that details the history of slate mining. The Deep Mine Tour at the facility takes visitors back to the Victorian era, accessing the underground cavern using Britain’s steepest cable railway to depths of 500ft.

The manrider being overhauled takes tourists into the cavern, but it was made over 40 years ago and now requires a complete refurbishment.

The scope of the work being undertaken includes new stainless steel passenger cabins, a new hydraulic and pneumatic system, new access doors and updated lighting.

The changes and upgrades being made by Clayton Equipment will ensure that the manrider can provide Llechwedd with another 40 years of service.

To find out more about Llechwedd Slate Caverns visit their web site.