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Diesel to Battery


Battery, Diesel to Battery conversions, Low emission Diesel & Diesel Electric and Hybrid

Clayton Equipment’s range of Shunting Locomotives are the choice for use within UK rail depots.

Of the 996 Class ‘08’ shunters made in the UK between 1953 and 1962, only 96 are still operational. This number decreases year on year due to the obsolescence of critical parts and the general condition, together with issues in operating 60-year-old Shunters. This type of locomotive is extremely labour intensive to operate and usually requires at least 2 personnel and specialist maintainers.

A new generation of low cost solutions are available from Clayton Equipment to suit your haulage needs, track gauge and kinematic envelope.

  • Significantly lower operational costs and higher fleet availability
  • Increased performance: Tandem working to double your haulage capacity; steep metro 1:15 gradients
  • Increased safety and less pollution: Remote Control for single driver operation; zero emission options
  • Wide range of coupler types are available
  • Short lead time delivery or part-exchange available
  • UK technical and project management support

Clayton Equipment Shunter Benefits Summary

New and converted Shunters enable additional benefits to be considered, such as:

  • Remote Control providing true, safe one-person operation
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Improving fleet availability: less maintenance, onboard diagnostics reducing downtime, higher reliability so less breakdowns, available parts
  • Improving safety: LED lighting, CCTV, better driver line of sight, failsafe brakes
  • Improving operator comfort: additional seating, cabin climate control, less noise
  • Increasing haulage capability
  • Multiple power delivery options including onboard Battery, Diesel, Overhead Catenary and/or 3rd/4th traction rail systems
  • Reducing emissions, waste disposal and carbon footprint

Battery variants:

  • Zero emissions: Maximum CO2 reduction and no fumes inside the workshops
  • Low noise: increasingly important near residential areas and night time operation
  • Lowest operational maintenance cost
  • Highest availability in service
  • Regenerative braking, reducing brake wear and charging times
  • Option of on-board or depot-based battery charging
Clayton battery locomotive

Diesel to battery-electric conversions:

  • Similar key benefits as Battery Shunters
  • Maximises capital cost saving
  • Retain existing certification in most cases
  • Lowest driver/maintainer retraining cost
  • Improved safety
Clayton battery locomotive London Underground

Diesel and Diesel-Electric variants:

  • Lowest emissions with EU Stage IV (2018) and EU Stage V (>2019)
  • Clayton Equipment are the first to introduce Stage IV Diesels into this sector
  • Stage IV engines can be shut-down and restarted quickly – no need to leave idling for long periods
Clayton Diesel electric locomotive
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