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Clayton Equipment Diesel Locomotive

Clayton Equipment manufactures a broad range of diesel locomotives that are designed for use both above and below the ground. Our machines utilise many of the latest technological innovations to ensure efficiency and help minimise emission levels, in accordance with our commitment to sustainability.

Available in sizes ranging from 4 tonnes to 40 tonnes in weight, with various engine, transmission and exhaust purification options, as well as numerous supplementary features, we are guaranteed to have a product to suit your application.

Optimal performance and reliability from the best diesel engines

To remain at the forefront of industrial traction we manufacture our locomotives using the highest quality components. At Clayton Equipment we use only "best in class" engines and transmissions, ensuring our clients receive nothing less than optimal performance and reliability. When specifying a diesel locomotive solution it is important to not just consider reliability but also the advantages of long service intervals, operating efficiency and fuel economy - all areas in which Clayton Equipment excels.

As with all of our equipment, we are able to configure diesel locomotives for radio remote control to enable operation from the trackside. Full automation is also available should your operational requirements benefit from this technology.

Clayton Equipment Diesel Locomotive

Our equipment can also be specified to work in tandem so that two locomotives can be operated by one driver from a single cabin.

The quality of our products is always ensured and incorporated by design, we understand the rigours of a mining or construction application and design our equipment accordingly. Clayton manufacture the safest locomotives available in the industry, with a safety record that is second to none.

Clients are assured that they are fully compliant with both statutory and regulatory obligations when they purchase our equipment, as we ensure that our products not only meet, but exceed the legislative requirements that are in force in their territory of use.

Clayton Equipment Diesel Locomotive

All of the equipment manufactured by Clayton can be custom built to suit the requirements of your project and is available with competitive pricing and lead times.

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