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Clayton Equipment Flameproof Locomotive

The Clayton Equipment range of flameproof locomotives is the most extensive of any manufacturer. Predominantly battery powered, our machines are designed specifically for use in Group 1 gaseous environments such as coal mines.

We produce flameproof locomotives that range between 3.5 tonnes and 40 tonnes in operating weight, and can configure any of these products to suit your application. Our equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standards and easily meets the requirements for ATEX, MSHA or MA certification.

The leading manufacturer of flameproof locomotives

A specialist in fire resistant equipment, Clayton has been manufacturing flameproof locomotives for over 40 years. A number of our first flameproof locomotives were designed with rubber tyres. These locomotives ran on conventional rail track but allowed the locomotive to negotiate gradients of up to 10% (1 in 10). These specially designed, revolutionary locomotives, changed the way coal mining was approached, allowing operations to take place at steeper gradients at a significant reduction to cost. Today, we still remain the only manufacturer offering a range of rubber tyred locomotives.

The quality of our products is always ensured and incorporated by design, we understand the rigours of a mining or construction application and design our equipment accordingly. Clayton manufacture the safest locomotives available in the industry, with a safety record that is second to none.

Clayton Equipment Flameproof Locomotive

Clients are assured that they are fully compliant with both statutory and regulatory obligations when they purchase our equipment, as we ensure that our products not only meet, but exceed the legislative requirements that are in force in their territory of use.

All of the equipment manufactured by Clayton can be custom built to suit the requirements of your project and is available with competitive pricing and lead times.

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