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Whether it is a tunnelling, surface transportation or mining project, Clayton have the expertise to advise, analyse and deliver the most efficient, safe and compliant rail haulage systems.

Our consultancy process typically begins with an initial discussion, either at site, or at one of our facilities located in close proximity to the project. The purpose of this meeting is to identify business requirements and determine a scope for the work required.

The range of work undertaken by our team ranges from a single day of advice through to a large scale project that starts with an initial design and ends with the supply and commissioning of equipment.

Our consultancy services and bespoke solutions enable us to deliver superior products

Clayton has a long history of insight, creativity and innovation that is inherent to our consultancy team. With over 80 years of industry experience, the majority of which have been in global markets, our experience and expertise is unquestioned. We are the leading authority on the legislation and standards that govern the use of rail haulage systems both above and below ground.

Our Services

Clayton provides a range of consultancy services to address the specific requirements of your business project, to tackle problems with innovative solutions, and to deliver proven results.

  • Locomotive Sizing Calculations
    A series of calculations designed to determine the correct weight of a locomotive based on site conditions and the required duty of the machine.
  • Locomotive Stopping Distances
    Braking calculations to determine the stopping distance for a locomotive based on site conditions such as the gradient and trailing load.
  • Rail Haulage Assessment
    A detailed assessment of the rail haulage options that are most applicable to the demands of the project.
  • Rail Haulage Design
    The creation of a detailed plan to determine the specific design requirements of a rail haulage system.
  • Mine Design
    A study on a broader scale which assesses and analyses the overall design of a mine and the effect this will have on the rail haulage options available.
  • Rail Haulage Capacity Calculations
    A technical study to determine the correct design of rail haulage system required to deliver a specific mine output.
  • Rail Haulage Project Costings & Equipment Supply
    This exercise extends the rail haulage design plan to produce detailed costs and ultimately, if required, enable the supply or commissioning of equipment.
  • Rail Haulage System Service & Support Study
    An analysis to determine the overall annual maintenance costs involved in operating and supporting a rail haulage system.
  • Rail Haulage System Safety Audit & Appraisal
    A detailed appraisal of the safety of a rail haulage system, which can be applied to either an existing operation or a new development.

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