Reconditioned Equipment

The products we manufacture and the services that we provide are shaped and defined by our clients. They tell us what they require and we strive to deliver innovative, cutting edge solutions to meet the most stringent demands and budgets.

However, Clayton Equipment is not just a premier supplier of new machinery.

A 16 year old CD25 safety critical locomotive after refurbishment

A 16 year old CD25 safety critical locomotive after refurbishment. The extensive overhaul included the transmission and engine, full chassis, cab paint, and the safety systems including the brakes.

Client feedback identified a market need for quality reconditioned equipment, an opportunity that we have taken, providing customers with a service to renew and rejuvenate a wide range of older products. In many cases machines are not just restored to original specifications, but enhanced to incorporate new technology and the most recent regulatory standards.

Exceeding your expectations, whatever your budget

Reconditioned certainly does not mean second best. You get the same Clayton quality approval as you would with new equipment. There is no better solution for customers who demand high quality performance but have a more cost sensitive budget.

1.75t Battery Locomotive

Two identical 1.75t battery locomotives before and after refurbishment

We can refurbish your existing locomotives (including machines not manufacture by Clayton), modernise older equipment to improve reliability, make bespoke changes to suit your business requirements or bring products back into service with the guaranteed level of reliability you need to succeed.

Simply tell us what you want and we will deliver, every time.