Environmental Responsibility


Clayton has been manufacturing equipment for over 80 years and during this time the world in which we live has changed immeasurably.

Enormous economic and population growth has had a significant impact on the Earth, with factors such as ozone depletion, climate change, depletion of natural resources and the extensive loss of biodiversity and habitat, threatening the health of the planet for future generations.

We must be responsible for the impact we have on the environment

At Clayton Equipment an ongoing commitment has been made to incorporate sustainable practices into our business decisions and operations. We have implemented processes and policies that drive efficiency and improve our carbon performance.

Recent successes include a reduction in reported accidents, decreased energy usage and the assessment of our carbon footprint, together with the creation of a carbon reduction plan. As a proactive company we focus on the implementation of new technologies that not only make our products more efficient than previous models, but reduce the environmental impact of production throughout the supply chain.

Refurbishment & Modernisation

Our dedication to sustainability extends to the locomotives we manufacture. We are always willing to explore the possibility of refurbishing and modernising locomotives which would normally be considered end of life. The equipment we produce has an extremely long design life and as technology improves, we are able to convert older machines to utilise the latest innovations.


Clayton Equipment designs and develops its own locomotives, which ensures that we can always guarantee continuity of supply for spare parts. Our records date back as far as our equipment and we still proudly support locomotives that were originally manufactured in the 1960's.

We also recycle cardboard, paper, metals and plastics, and deal with hazardous waste in a responsible manner.

Our prosperity depends not just on the products we manufacture, but also our impact on the environmental and the steps we take to improve what we do.