Engineered Solutions

Railway Track

Clayton Equipment design and manufacture a range of rolling stock products that provide a complete rail haulage solution. Designed, engineered and customised to your requirements, our rolling stock integrates seamlessly with the locomotive to form a cohesive package.

Developed and produced for both mining and tunnelling applications, we ensure that our rolling stock complies with all rail and mining standards that are in force in the country of operation.

Versatile solutions that will exceed your expectations

Customisation options for each item of equipment begin with the dimensions and capacity of the rolling stock. Widths can be altered to match new or existing locomotives, lengths extended up to 7 metres and loads increased to 30 tonnes. The vehicle suspension can also be changed to suit your needs and an adjustable gauge fitted to facilitate multiple site use.

Our customers can also choose between a number of fail-safe braking options, such as air or hydraulic brakes, service and/or parking brakes. Clayton, Willison, Mulhauser or customised coupling options can also be fitted to our equipment.

Equipment Range

  • Dump Mine Cars
    The body of the mine car can be designed to empty contents mechanically or be activated via a powered solution to easily handle all types of material. We have several designs available, each with its own discharge method, namely side discharge, bottom discharge and rotary discharge. Our cars can also be built to specifications appropriate to the output level of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) or a required mine output. The design of the cars can be adapted to comply with the space constraints of your operating environment.
  • Flat Cars
    Flat cars, together with integral load restraints, can be produced at various lengths and widths to reflect your load requirements.
  • Segment Cars
    These can be manufactured to suit segment size and in numbers to meet production delivery requirements.
  • Personnel Carriers
    Our carriers are designed to securely accommodate your employees and can range from vehicles designed for 2-man inspection or maintenance teams, to those able to transport enough personnel to undertake an entire shift change. Every personnel carrier is manufactured with safety in mind, with multi-point exits, emergency stops and fire extinguishers, together with noise and vibration suppression technology.
  • Lifting Gantries & Cranes
    Clayton provide flexible lifting gantry and crane solutions that can either be manufactured to utilise specialist equipment, or designed to incorporate standard 'off the shelf' lifting gear. Safety features such as outriggers, overload warnings and protection, and remote control functionality can also all be added.
  • Cable Drum Carriers
    Our cable drum carriers enable cable to be deployed either horizontally or vertically and are all fitted with run-away braking. The cable drums can be either power driven or operated mechanically.

  • Load Carriers
    Customised load carriers designed and manufactured to your specifications.

We believe in creating versatile solutions that not only fully address our clients operational needs, but also exceed their expectations.