Overhaul, Upgrade & Repair

Locomotive Repair Services

There are alternatives to new equipment. Cost effective solutions with shorter lead times and minimal re-training can be realised.

Upgrade your assets

Sometimes your assets are just not delivering the performance that you need, but there may be nothing fundamentally wrong with them.

Often the most cost effective solution

An overhaul can bring your asset back to life, all for much less than buying new.

An upgrade will often retain the main structure of the equipment, but improving performance and safety, while reducing maintenance time and costs.

The range of options are endless. This can range from:

  • Changing the traction system from maintenance heavy DC motors to maintenance free alternatives
  • Fitting safety systems to meet the latest compliance
  • Increasing the range and performance to meet new project needs
  • Overhaul of the equipment, using OEM parts, to extend the asset for another 20 – 30 years


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