Welcome to Clayton Equipment, your destination for versatile locomotives tailored to various industrial applications. From metro systems to mainline railways, industrial depots, and mining sites, our innovative solutions offer reliability and efficiency. Whether you require battery-diesel hybrids, emission-free battery locomotives, or Stage V compliant diesel units, we provide customised options to suit your needs. With high haulage capacities, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, our locomotives ensure optimal performance, reflecting our dedication to excellence and sustainability.

Locomotives for Metro, Mainline, Depots & Industry

Clayton Equipment’s range of locomotives are designed and developed to match the operations you need.

Innovative solutions include:

  • Battery-Diesel hybrids for underground Metro and surface operations
  • Battery locomotives or use in applications where emission free and low noise is required
  • Diesel locomotives with the latest Stage V emission compliance
  • Battery locomotives that can also operate on 3rd/4th rail supply
  • Battery locomotives with integral battery charging
  • High haulage capabilities of up to 3,500 tonnes or more
  • Low maintenance solutions
  • Lowest cost with high reliability

Diesel, Battery, Diesel-Electric and Hybrid: we have the solution for you.

Metro systems, such as London Underground, SPT (Glasgow) and NYCT, have restricted gauges. With Clayton Equipment’s experience, we can supply compact solutions to meet compliance.

Blue locomotive being used.


Clayton’s range of shunting locomotives are becoming the haulage solution of choice. We offer a new generation of shunters/switchers providing cost-effective solutions: low emissions, low costs and low maintenance. Alternatively, conversions can provide an economical solution to deliver reliability, environmental and performance benefits.

Blue metro locomotive







The most comprehensive range of locomotives available for surface and underground mining applications. From 1.75 tonnes to 90 tonnes, for non-hazardous locations.

Overhead trolley/pantograph, battery, Diesel or hybrid powered.

Yellow mining locomotive







We offer Design & Build solutions for your project, including tunnel drilling machines, cable handlers, overhauling or upgrading your existing equipment. We can also offer conversions from old Diesel powered units to clean battery.

Custom made locomotive









The innovative LoCo™ tunnelling locomotive, with patent-pending features, provides a cost-effective solution with its low capital and operating costs, adjustable gauge, and high haulage capabilities. It is cheaper than leasing and can be deployed to other sites with different gauges.

CD40 Crossrail locomotive being used.

Thank you for visiting Clayton Equipment. For more information about our locomotives and how they can benefit your operations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to discussing your specific needs and providing tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.