Clayton Equipment Testimonials

Many of our Client’s from around the world have expressed their gratitude and admiration for our products and services, here’s what some of them have said;

Hencon Mining B.V.  

In March 2020 Hencon Siberia Ltd, a subsidiary of Hencon Mining B.V,  placed an order on Clayton Equipment Limited, for the supply of four CBT30 Battery Trolley Hybrid locomotives. These 30 tonne machines were to satisfy the haulage demands of +10 Level, at Apatit’s’ Kirovsky Mine located on the Kola Peninsula.

The Mine operates mine-wide Wi-Fi enabling real-time information flow, better decision-making and full mine automation. The locomotives were delivered ‘automation ready’ to facilitate driverless control. 

On 1 February 2022, PHOSAGRO successfully launched the extraction of ore on +10m level with the locomotives exceeding the required performance, reliability, and safety specifications. The locomotives are ‘state of the art’ incorporating the best technology available on the market today and have been designed for ease of use and easy to maintain, incorporating extended maintenance intervals. This maintenance free aspect of the machine significantly reduces the operational cost of ownership. 

Throughout the project working with Clayton Equipment Limited has been very rewarding, with invaluable input into the rail haulage design, engineering design and manufacture progress reporting throughout the build stage, to final on-site commissioning and training. A refreshing experience second to none. 

I would highly recommend Clayton Equipment Limited’s locomotives and the company has been a pleasure to work with.  

Karel Gerretsen, CEO Hencon Mining, April 2023

Had the pleasure of driving a few Clayton locomotives on the East London line. They always performed. – Facebook review, April 2023 

A glimpse of  the  real world of the big railway. I can see why Mr Hannaford is MD.  A very professional and candid presentation and I wish the company all the best for the future.  At the moment a niche product which could go mainstream before long. – Visit from Rail Enthusiasts, March 2022

I would like to thank Clive on behalf of myself and the group for his very informative and fascinating tour that he gave us.

It’s certainly good to know that locomotives are still being built here, we were very much impressed by the whole of Clayton’s operation. Thank you.

There are so many Clayton loco’s in preservation and on heritage lines as well as with contactors here in the UK, that must be a great testimony to the quality of Clayton locomotives.

I look forward to seeing the new Class 18 on the rails. – Railway and Waterways Research Affiliate, September 2021

Can you describe what it was like before you had our locomotives? Our older locos are much smaller and older Diesels. They aren’t really sufficient for what we have been wanting them to do. By having a purpose built loco we can futureproof our operations.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with them? Environmental issues through emissions and locos too light for the operation.

What makes our locomotives stand out from other options? British built and environmentally friendly.

Has anything exceeded your expectations since working with us? Claytons will work with you to resolve issues, no problem.

Large multi-function nuclear site on the coast of Cumbria, July 2021

Just wishing you all at Clayton’s a big congratulations on your 90th Birthday and from one British manufacturer to another, here’s to your next 90 years of success and our commitment to you as a supplier of components.  – Supplier, June 2021

Clayton Equipment build great industrial locomotives, based on your battery locomotive experience. Keep up the good work! – Tunnelling Sector, June 2021

Can you describe what it was like before you had our locomotives? Our previous locos were 50 years old, so were loud and high polluting diesel engines. The locos were getting to the point where parts were obsolete and they were spending more time getting repaired rather than working and in turn costs were going through the roof.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with them? Day to day shunting and struggling to pull the loads required, which in turn meaning more rework for us and constant breakdowns.

What makes our locomotives stand out from other options? Battery powered with ability to have onboard charging with the newest cleanest diesel engine available. Shore charging also gives us the ability to run totally electric and the environmental benefit to us and a company is a massive benefit.

Have you been able to achieve everything you require since using our locomotives?  Yes and we are still in the process of commissioning, but I can’t see any issues going forward as the CBD80 locos are on top of the job. This will also help us expand what we move across site for example moving construction materials or spoil or spoil across site and with the new locos we can pull the weights.

Has anything exceeded your expectations since working with us? The whole process was really good from start to finish. Clayton listened to what we needed and made sure we were happy. COVID made it a bit difficult but we were made to feel safe and allowed to visit the workshop  before delivery. Thanks to Clive and Ellis.

Is there anything else that would like to comment on or say about the locomotives or Clayton Equipment in general? All our drivers have commented on the locos how well set out they are, quiet, not over complicated and the cameras are a big change and really useful. The locos seem very powerful compared to what we are used to.

Large multi-function nuclear site on the coast of Cumbria, June 2021

“I can honestly say that seeing your operation was very refreshing in so much as it was organised, clean, efficient and you personally were so welcoming and open to sharing information, which isn’t always the case with some companies I have been involved with in the past” – Mainline service provider UK, March 2021

“Our new partnership with Clayton Equipment will help us meet the increasing demand for lower emissions, new technology more capacity and cost-effective assets. The new locomotives will provide environmental benefits and allow our customers to realise cost savings in fuel” – Beacon Rail Leasing, July 2020

“May I say a massive thank you for your very kind and trusting gesture in sending me so much information on DHP1. I was agog with the detail and information included in the files. It is just the sort of stuff that I find so interesting. I am just so grateful you despatched the material for my perusal and that Clayton Equipment had the foresight to retain the material about DHP1. What a truly amazing and enigmatic machine.

Thank you again and I look forward to receiving my Clayton Equipment shirt which I will wear with pride” – Clayton Equipment Shop Customer, July 2020

“As part of our drive to become a more sustainable business we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, with the need to deliver value for money maintain progress in our decommissioning programme. Clayton Equipment’s locomotives will help to contribute to our carbon reduction commitments” – Large multi-function nuclear site on the coast of Cumbria, March 2020

“Seeing the assembled bogie of the loco for Tata Steel UK and a number of other significant components – gearbox and wheelset assembly and initial brake components for Snowdon Mountain Railway locos was very insightful.
He further said: his group enjoyed an informative talk from MD Clive Hannaford followed by a workshop tour, Clive and co-host Jessica were most welcoming and very open in terms of answering questions and allowing photography. Mark offered a 10/10 to this successful British company (Clayton Equipment Ltd) for their technological innovation and for being willing to open their doors to our community in this way” – Engineer Visit, CBD90 Locomotive Tour, Jan 2020

“Thank you for the eye-opening visit to Clayton Equipment today. We were all highly impressed with the size of the hybrid CBD90 locomotives, and the layout on your shop floor. We love gadgetry and the battery/diesel power impressed us a lot! We look forward to the next lot of Clayton axles and a continued working relationship between our two Companies in the future!” – Sterling Machinery, Dec 2019

“The presentation and tour of Clayton Equipment exceeded our expectations and the students gained sufficient insights in traction motors, hybrid drives and heavy-duty locos up close which gave the students a good feel for the size and quality of engineering required to produce traction equipment for the tough environment and demanding environment your products have to work in” – University of Birmingham Lecturer, Nov 2019

“I had the amazing opportunity to visit Clayton Equipment. The presentation, tour and Q&A session were extremely insightful and I have to say that the engineering solutions provided by the company are second to none. Clive Hannaford’s in-depth knowledge of issues facing locomotive production and usage all over the world was extremely profound and I have to say that their quality of products and speedy turn around time are world leading. I look forward to seeing many more amazing feats by Clayton Equipment” – University of Birmingham Student, Nov 2019


“Many of us who started our career at Clayton’s have gone on to have successful careers elsewhere. I have always said that my success as a railway engineer is down to my Clayton apprenticeship and the broad design experience gained” – Former Clayton Equipment Employee, Nov 2019

“Thank you so much for your hospitality this morning and the tour of your workshops. This is the perfect vehicle for what we need. That has to be the fastest quote I have ever had and thank you and we look forward to long business association between us” – Potential Customer UK/Holland Oct 2019

“You are one of the very few suppliers whom always deliver what you promised…and if you don’t you always fix it!” – Mainline Locomotive Germany Sept 2019

“The machine is working perfectly! We are very impressed & pleased that the work has been completed” – Industrial Transfer Car UK Aug 2019

“Thank you for your quick reply and great support! We are looking forward to receive the locomotives in Austria” –Mining Locomotive Austria Jul 2019

“My thanks are due to you because you have demonstrated industry and perceptiveness of a high order” – Researcher Argentina May 2019

“Just once again I want to emphasise how much of a help you are, gave us great service providing with exactly what we want and more!” –Industrial Shunter Locomotive UK Apr 2019

“Many thanks to you and the team at Clayton’s for the support with this work which has been excellent” –  Industrial Rail Car UK Mar 2019

“I would like to put on record the excellent service we have had from your staff at Clayton’s with information and advice along with spare parts when needed. It is always a pleasure doing business with them” – Mine Locomotive UK Dec 2018