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Shunter Locomotives


Battery, diesel to battery conversions, low-emission diesel, diesel-electric & hybrid options

Clayton shunters are becoming the haulage choice of UK industry

Being the workhorses of rail depots and manufacturing facilities, some shunters are 60 years old, possess high emissions levels and are increasingly unreliable, labour intensive and expensive to operate. They usually require at least 2 personnel and specialist maintainers. A good example can be found in the case of the 996 Class ‘08’ shunters made in the UK between 1953 and 1962. Less than 10% of them remain operational today and the number is decreasing every year due to the obsolescence of critical parts and general age-related issues.

Clayton offers a new generation of shunters providing cost-effective haulage solutions:

• 2-axle locomotives up to 50T
• 4-axle Bo-Bo locomotives up to 100T
• 6-axle Co-Co and Bo-Bo-Bo locomotives up to 150T
• Battery, hybrid battery/Diesel and overhead line options
• Option to convert existing Diesel to new Battery/hybrid possible


Benefits include:

• Significantly lower operational costs
• Improved fleet availability
• Increased performance, including single driver tandem working to double haulage capacity
• Increased safety including optional remote control for single driver operation
• Zero and low emission options
• Short delivery time with purchase, lease, lease to buy or part-exchange options available
• UK technical and project management support

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Battery Locomotives:

• Zero emissions, maximum CO2 reduction, no fumes inside workshops
• Low noise, increasingly important near residential areas & for 24/7 operations
• Lowest operational & maintenance costs
• Highest availability in service
• Regenerative braking, resulting in reduced brake wear & reduced charging times
• Option of on-board or depot-based battery charging

Diesel to battery-electric conversions:

• Benefits same as battery locomotives
• Maximises capital cost saving
• Retain existing certification in most cases
• Lowest driver/maintainer retraining cost
• Improved safety

Diesel & Diesel-Electric Locomotives:

• Lowest emissions with EU Stage V (from January 2019)
• Reduced Idling, the latest engines can be shut-down & restarted quickly