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The battery CB40 has a number of unique features and flexible options, which offer you superior performance.


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Highlights include:

  • Ability to operate on both battery and traction supply (overhead catenary or 3rd/4th rail systems)
  • On-board battery charging while on the move – arrive at the work site with a full battery, enabling the traction current to be turned off for maintenance
  • High haulage capacity and range
  • No Diesel engine emissions – improved health and safety, particularly in underground Metro systems, with significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • Improved Operational Flexibility – low noise for operating during out-of-hours in residential areas; on-board battery recharges the battery during the passenger operating hours, ready for late shift working
  • Conversion from existing diesel to battery-electric locomotives is now possible
  • Optimised design to fit into restricted Metro infrastructure kinematic gauge envelopes, similar to London Underground in the U.K.


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