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Overhead Line


Traditionally used for mining applications, a trolley locomotive generally operates from an overhead conductor. Clayton Equipment have the most comprehensive range of trolley locomotives available on the market, ranging from 4 tonnes to 90 tonnes in weight.

Pantograph or Trolley Pole

In addition to fitting a pantograph or trolley pole, we are also able to design trolley locomotives with a traction battery. These hybrid versatile machines work predominantly from the overhead wire, but in development areas and over dump stations, are able to travel using power from the traction battery.

Battery Trolley hybrids give the most flexibility

As with all of our products, we are able to configure your trolley machine for radio remote control to enable operation from the trackside. Full automation is also available should your operational requirements benefit from this technology.

Our equipment can also be specified to work in tandem so that two locomotives can be operated by one driver.

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