Clayton hybrid locomotives in action at Port Talbot UK

Clayton hybrid locomotives in action at Port Talbot UK
June 9, 2021 Jessica Salt

Clayton Equipment ‘lead the way’ in manufacturing low emission rail locomotives.

It’s exciting to see further evidence of the quality of Clayton Equipment products, the benefits to our customers and the environment that they can provide.

The class CBD90 90-tonne hybrid locomotive supplied to Tata Steel is the perfect example.

*A bespoke locomotive, self contained, with on-board battery charging from a low-emission, EU Stage V compliant diesel engine charging a traction battery.

*Fuel costs and emissions have been significantly reduced by the hybrid technology, and the diesel engine is able to operate at the optimum speed for recharging the battery on-board.

*Regenerative braking from both gradients and flat tracks have boosted battery charging.

*Maintenance costs, time and fuel use have also been reduced due to the hybrid design which eliminated the need  to idle, as the engine can be switched off while waiting.