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Battery Vs Diesel Locomotives

Battery Vs Diesel Locomotives
July 26, 2022 Jessica Salt
Graph showing battery versus diesel locomotive shunter energy costs

The graph highlights the energy cost benefits of a Clayton Equipment battery powered shunter in comparison to its diesel counterpart over a thirty-year lifetime.

Savings are greater than 50%. The lower energy costs come through recharging from mains not diesel.

Additional benefits of a Clayton Equipment battery shunter are:

– Zero emissions, maximum CO2 reduction
– Increased performance and haulage capacity
– Low noise, increasingly important near residential areas & for 24/7 operations
– Regenerative braking, resulting in reduced brake wear & reduced charging times
– Option of on-board hybrid or depot-based battery charging

*Graph based on 345 days/year on a 420 kWh/130 litres per day use