Clayton Equipment adds the benefits of IoT Telematics

Clayton Equipment adds the benefits of IoT Telematics
November 30, 2022 Jessica Salt
IoT Telematics

Clayton Equipment a pioneer of locomotive manufacturing for over ninety years have now added the benefits of IoT Telematics with the introduction of LocoWatch™ as standard fitting to all suitable locomotives, a system which will continually report on over forty parameters in real time.

LocoWatch™ provides on-board connectivity and access to online services to improve and optimise freight management allowing the operator to plan maintenance on use rather than on time, reduce operating costs, improve safety and assist in fault finding.

In addition to the operator having access to the information via their bespoke dashboard Clayton is also offering a free monthly reporting system service which summarises; distance travelled, fuel consumption, operating hours, battery energy used together with fuel and emissions saved.

Steve Gretton, Managing Director of Clayton Equipment said, “We are now in a position with LocoWatch™, to offer our customers the most important telematics data in live time to improve maintenance planning, performance, remote troubleshooting, connectivity and operational efficiency”.

Clayton are also offering to provide further assistance where required, including a data monitoring and reporting service for which further details are available on request.

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