Clayton Equipment agree contract with Beacon Rail Leasing for the emission free Hybrid+™ CBD90 Shunting Locomotive

Clayton Equipment agree contract with Beacon Rail Leasing for the emission free Hybrid+™ CBD90 Shunting Locomotive
May 20, 2020 Jessica Salt

Clayton Equipment, the only British independent locomotive manufacturer in the UK capable of designing and manufacturing locomotives up to 150 tonnes, has agreed a contract with Beacon Rail Leasing for the supply of 15 innovative Hybrid+™ CBD90 locomotives along with options for a period of three years.

The exclusive agreement will allow UK customers to operate the Clayton Equipment CBD90 locomotives through an efficient Beacon Rail lease, realising commercial benefits from reduced costs and lead time. Clayton Equipment and Beacon are pleased to be able to bring this low emission rail shunting locomotive offering to the market. The agreement also provides the additional benefit of UK based customer service support from both companies.

The Clayton Equipment CBD90 locomotive is a 90 tonne Hybrid+™ Bo-Bo locomotive, the largest locomotive built in the UK in over 20 years. The Locomotive is self-contained, with onboard battery charging. Costs and emissions are significantly reduced by the Hybrid+ technology. Battery charging is undertaken from a 3-phase supply, providing 100% emission free solutions or from the low emission, EU Stage V Diesel engine.

Clive Hannaford, Managing Director at Clayton Equipment, said: “This unique agreement is a significant milestone in the company’s history and provides a major growth opportunity for Clayton Equipment. Beacon has extensive rail asset expertise which will help ensure the two companies maximise the potential to supply our customer base with sustainable, low emission, environmentally compliant equipment”.

Adam Cunliffe, CEO of Beacon, said “Beacon is focused on supporting its customers in the UK and Europe with flexible rail leasing solutions. In the fast-changing environment we engage with, the increased demand for lower emissions, new technology, more capacity and cost-effective assets, Beacon is pleased to be able to form this new partnership with Clayton Equipment which will serve to meet this demand.  We are pleased to align ourselves with Clayton Equipment and its battery-powered equipment which will not only provide for environmental benefits but will allow for our customers to realise costs savings over time in terms of fuel consumption.”