Commissioning emission free CBT30 in mine

Commissioning emission free CBT30 in mine
February 14, 2022 Jessica Salt

The worldwide reach of Clayton Equipment Ltd continues with two of four battery trolley CBT30 emission free, mining locomotives now delivered to our customer.

In recent years the implementation of innovative programs at the mine has seen production increase and the long-term plans are for the level of ore mining to be 8.5 million tons annually. The Clayton CBT30’s are part of this development programme.

Clayton Equipment provides solutions for our customers around the world with major benefits;

  • Hybrid locomotives available powered overhead wire and traction battery
  • Zero emissions – maximum CO2 reduction with the lowest operational and maintenance costs
  • Remote control option to enable operation from trackside.

Clayton is at the forefront of providing the most comprehensive range of trolley locomotives available on the market ranging from 4 to 150 tonnes.