Delivery of two 80-tonne Hybrid+ locomotives

Delivery of two 80-tonne Hybrid+ locomotives
June 7, 2021 Jessica Salt

Two Clayton Equipment Hybrid+ CBD80 shunting locomotives move from workshop to site via test track and a few winding roads on the way to our new customer in the North of England.

Constructed in Burton earlier this year, tested at Chasewater Railway in March and April then transported by Allelys in May, the 80-tonne Bo-Bo Hybrid+ locomotives always attract attention along the route.

The fine weather day at Chasewater helped the team conduct a full and rigorous test putting the locomotives through the on-site conditions.

Alleys, industry experts in heavy haulage and oversized loads were also helped with great weather as they undertook the task of transporting the locomotives along the motorway and towns to their destination.

The CBD80 locomotives have on board battery charging from either a three-phase supply providing emission EU stage V Diesel engine. Designed to help reduce the customer’s operation and maintenance costs, the green benefits of reduced emissions from the cleanest Diesel engines, reduced noise levels and greater haulage capacity meets their requirements of investing in environmentally compliant equipment with long term durability.