Engineers of the future…

Engineers of the future…
May 15, 2023 Jessica Salt
Clayton Equipment provided technical information to Kaine Bisset, a student at Dundee University for his degree course work.



Kaine’s project : Potential for Late Life Conversion of Rail Passenger Vehicles to Green Energy Sources- was judged as ‘outstanding’ and awarded a prize by Nuclear Decommissioning Authority CEO, David Peattie, as being the best project in the field of sustainability. The project was also judged by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers who awarded an Institution Project Award and bronze medal.
Kaine sent us this thank you –

‘Technical specifications for the Class 18 as provided by Clayton Equipment was invaluable in demonstrating the real world application of a relatively new development for rail traction. This was extremely useful for showing how a similar concept could be applied to the Class 205 and added value to the case for the potential conversion on the grounds of improved sustainability for historic vehicles as well as a reduced overall environmental impact. I am forever indebted to Managing Director Clive Hannaford and Clayton Equipment for their support which was irreplaceable for demonstrating the potential for conversion and helped make the project successful’.