Is Battery the power of the future for rail freight….

Is Battery the power of the future for rail freight….
June 21, 2022 Jessica Salt

One of the key objectives of Britain’s rail industry over the next thirty years is to decarbonise the sector, significantly reducing the output of harmful greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere.

Battery power offers many benefits to the rail sector such as decarbonisation, air quality and noise improvements, key advantages when needing to decarbonise transport rapidly.
As battery performance and costs have significantly improved over recent years, battery powered trains become more commonplace and their use in battery and hybrid rolling stock has become increasingly attractive.

At Clayton Equipment our battery locomotives offer significant benefits- zero emissions, maximum CO2 reduction, no fumes inside workshops, low noise, increasingly important near residential areas and for 24/7 operations, lowest operational and maintenance costs, regenerative braking resulting in reduced brake wear and recharging time, operational on-board or depot-based battery charging.

Clayton Equipment offer the most extensive range of battery locomotives on the market, these future-ready locomotives operate economically while reducing environmental impact and conserving resources using green technologies to constantly set new standards.