October 5, 2022 Jessica Salt

The Power of Less

Introducing future ready Clayton Equipment CB45 Locomotive

Based on proven design, the CB45 is a 45 tonne 2 axle 0-4-0 locomotive. It is a battery only, 100% emission free locomotive with centre cab, designed to provide customers with many of the benefits of a locomotive twice the size.

The low emission, low noise, low operating and maintenance cost locomotive combines increased performance and haulage capacity with improved safety features.

The CB45 locomotive is self-contained with onboard chargers, where battery charging is undertaken from a 3-phase supply, providing 100% maximum emission free solutions.

Fitted with a large battery and using regenerative braking to return energy back to the battery, the CB45 is capable of long-range use without recharging.


  • Battery only – 100% emission free
  • Range up to 450Km unladen & 16km with 1,200t
  • Tractive Effort up to 180kN
  • Haulage up to 3,000t  (coupler limited)
  • Zero emission
  • Low noise

      Improved safety including:

      • Speed
      • Limited with overspeed protection
      • Deadman’s vigilance device
      • CCTV
      • Remote control
      • Failsafe braking
      • Better line of sight
      • Better driver’s cab environment
      • Remote diagnostics (loT)