The Class 15 Preservation Society say Thank You

The Class 15 Preservation Society say Thank You
March 16, 2020 Jessica Salt

On a recent Clayton Equipment factory tour, The Class 15 Preservation Society, including Vice Chairman, Jim Gough, along with fellow enthusiasts attended the session.
They all had the opportunity to view the low emissions CBD90 Hybrid+™ Diesel locomotives, the largest UK locomotives in build for over 20 years before they were delivered to Tata Steel UK, Port Talbot.

The itinerary involved a company presentation, a workshop tour followed by a Q&A session, with Managing Director, Clive Hannaford. Clive gave the group copies of the Class 15 drawings to help in their restoration. As a thank you Jim presented Clive with a Class 15 model.

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(Left to right, Jim Gough from the Class 15 Preservation Society, Clive Hannaford, Managing Director at Clayton Equipment).