Diesel Locomotives


Clayton manufactures the most comprehensive range of diesel shunters / switchers &  locomotives on the market from 4 to 150 tonnes with the choice of Euro IIIA/B, Euro IV & NEW 2019 Euro V engines.

World’s first Stage IV emission compliant tunnelling locomotive, and now we offer Stage V…

Our machines utilise many of the latest technological innovations to ensure efficiency and minimise emission levels in accordance with our commitment to sustainability. We offer various engine, transmission and exhaust purification options, as well as numerous supplementary features providing the perfect locomotive for your application.

Features & Benefits:

    • Highest quality components optimising locomotive reliability & reducing maintenance
    • “best in class” engines & transmissions optimising reliability & fuel economy
    • Reduced emissions using the cleanest diesel engines up to EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4f
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Remote control option to enable operation from trackside
    • Full automation available
    • Tandem working option – two locomotives operated by one driver from a single cabin
    • Safest locomotives through many decades of experience


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