The low-cost LoCo™ meets the specific requirements of tunnelling & construction projects of short duration with a focus on minimising initial expenditure & ongoing operational costs.

Half a Century of supplying locomotives with rubber tyres running on rails

The greater adhesion, when compared to steel tyres, results in:
• Doubling the haulage
• Climbing & descending steeper gradients up to 1 in 10 (10%)
• Halving the braking distance

The standard rubber-tyred LoCo has a mass of 8 tonnes and can pull at least the same load as a 16 tonne steel-tyred locomotive. Given it’s compact design, the LoCo can be especially effective in smaller diameter tunnels and mines, and working behind the smallest tunnel boring machines.

Other significant benefits of the LoCo include:
• Adjustable track gauge
• Satisfying low emissions & vibrations targets
• Low noise due to rubber tyres & battery power
• Standard “off-the-shelf” parts
• Tandem working option as standard