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The LoCo™ has been designed to meet specific requirements when working in tunnelling and construction environments, where it is important to minimise your initial capital expenditure and ongoing operational costs, and the project duration is relatively short.


The LoCo™ has a number of unique innovations, protected by patent applications, which offer you superior performance together with value for money.

These features include:

  • Reduced capital cost – typically 40% less than conventional locomotives
  • Lower life cycle costs – typically 25% less over 18 months when compared to asset hire, increasing to 40% over 24 months and 55% over 36 months
  • Adjustable track gauge – you can deploy the LoCo™ to other sites after the current contact has finished without track gauge concerns
  • High haulage capacity for the LoCo™ mass – innovative rubber tyre technology enabling excellent traction, comparable to locomotives more than twice the size and double the cost
  • Improved safety – high braking and traction, with a more than twofold increase in performance compared to conventional locomotives
  • Low maintenance costs – the unique design incorporates reduced routine requirements, low cost spare parts, automatic rail wheel wear compensation, sealed bearings and no sanders to fill (sanders optional)
  • Operational on gradients up to 1:10 (10%)
  • Reduced ventilation costs (battery option)

A wide range of locomotive sizes suitable for the tunnelling and construction industries are available, which together with numerous accessories, help to enhance the capabilities of the LoCo™ even further.

Clayton Equipment has a rich history of bringing new technology and innovation to meet the requirements of our customers. As such the LoCo™ is a trademark of Clayton Equipment and is patent protected (pending).

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